My name is Andrew Fraser and I’ve been making comics and comic strips since I was in fourth grade. Although I was urged to pursue more “traditional” art forms (Sculpture and ceramics) my heart was always been with the sequential arts.

Tiger Thighs Studio is a showcase for various projects that I work on. The name “Tiger Thighs” comes from two sources. One: I have a thing for drawing tiger strips on my anthro characters, and two: a unique website name should be half your S.E.O. strategy.

Currently the site features a webcomic I started ten years ago, called Bridgette’s Belly. -You can find out more about that comic here-

You might have noticed that I draw anthropomorphic characters or “furry”. I’m a fan of the Anthro (funny animal) comics from the late 70’s and early 80’s to the 90’s. Comics like Usagi Yojimbo, Captain Jack, and Cutey Bunny are some of my favorites and continue to inspire me to this day.