OK. I feel like I need to post a note about the last strip on this page. Craig Yu is Chinese, but born in the US. I enjoy poking at racism when and where I can. For instance, Beatrice is a black woman, but she was born in Paris and I try to write her as European as possible. For me thats a way to poke at a stereotype. Same thing with Craig. He’s a derogatory stereotype in the first panels. Squinting eyes and bad english, but then he’s forced to drop his act and becomes a real person. Also the shirt. PK-14 is a post punk band from china. Seriously awesome, check them out. They got Pavement kinda vibe going. Anyway thats ma deal. If you think I handled Craig wrong, or you feel this goes to far and is offensive. Guess what

Let me know.
I just might agree with you.