Published On: June 1, 2023

5 thoughts on “Her Tiger Pajama’s Chapter Fifteen

  1. YOOOOO this chapter was awesome, made me laugh multiple times specially the double treason caused by Amanda’s friend and her ex boyfriend, the goose on fire, and Amanda running X’D (really with all that weight how can she even run HAHAHA X’D!!! Haah…yeah I know my humor is awful X3, and I’d say I’ve struck gold with more favorite characters to add to my list, Max and the rabbit lady from the last page, and call me crazy but maybe it is the best for Moe that he keeps going on dates with her and probably make something beautiful in the future together, because being honest here, how he kept following Amanda despite knowing their thing wouldn’t ever be, he probably was just playing tough but it clearly hurt him to keep holding on to a dream that wouldn’t be realized.

    And if their attraction kept going, who knows if Amanda would be the one doing the cheating or Moe do something crazy all for the sake of love? (I know neither would do that but hey love makes people do crazy stuff, real crazy stuff, like ignoring red flags or even worse) What I mean to say is, this is for the better, for both of them, now Amanda has the foresight to not be as credulous and Moe found the drive to try again with another lady and the guy seems happy and I hope he’ll be, I do hope things work out for them, and that Amanda finds someone with the same disposition and commitment as him. I see how easier it would be to him to have to choose between the two big ladies and choose her in the end, but (and this is maybe a big assumption to make) I don’t think you’re the one to take the easy way man.

    And as a final point, I gotta say I still love Amanda as my main favorite, and would give her plenty of hugs if I could, I had a soliloquy (I think I wrote that one right) about how she’s a favorite because she ain’t perfect, she chose to ignore all the red flags just because he seemed like the only option available, and really hoped things would be alright, and that’s why I understood why her parents were mad, not only because of the wedding they were planning but mainly because their daughter took such a reckless and irresponsible choice of giving the lad the benefit of the doubt (specially when she’s still in college and she’s now becoming a mother of 8 cubs), she failed to see the consequences at long term and that’s what has them pissed, but even then regardless of how dire the situation is, she never remains sad for too long and tries to keep her chin up. I think that’s what I love about her the most :3! A great chapter indeed and I0m happy to having read it.

  2. I honestly want to see Moe and Amanda together but I think the fact that they’re going to go through some character development first is a good thing.

  3. Ah, the fat elf comic on the t-shirt. Well played.

  4. When is the next page gonna release? I’m so invested!!

    1. next Chapter comes out on December 1st.
      On Patreon we’re on Chapter 20

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