Published On: August 7, 2022

5 thoughts on “Her Tiger Pajama’s Chapter ten

  1. Is it mean that I don’t want Moe and Amanda together anyway? I mean, all he ever does is ogle her and take advantage of her naiveté and niceness so he can ogle her more. His crush on her never felt like it went beyond a physical attraction. They have no chemistry whatsoever.
    Like I have a feeling things won’t work out with Limahl in the long run. Too many red flags. But she shouldn’t be with Moe either. Amanda needs someone who appreciates something about her other than her boobs and belly.

    1. It’s not mean at all. Moe’s been tripping over himself with Amanda since they first met. He needs a cold shower, and Amanda just gave him one.

    2. And you’re totally on point when you say she deserves someone better. We’ll have to wait and find out who that will be.

      1. If you’re implying she and Moe won’t get together, that is a huge relief. LOL I’m enjoying the comic, but Moe’s shameless lusting for Amanda is too off-putting. (Especially since she’s oblivious to it and just thinks he’s being nice, when really he wants to hook up with her.)
        It’s not that I think Moe’s some kind of bad person. But he’s definitely a closeted pervert, and he needs to learn the difference between having actual romantic interest in someone and just simply thinking someone’s hot. Those two things can overlap, of course. But they are not the same.

      2. Wishful thinking, but maybe that someone is Susan. I mean, so far she seems to be the only one who cares about Amanda’s happiness and never makes fun of her weight. Seriously, Susan’s a real one. We all need a Susan.

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