Published On: October 2, 2022

19 thoughts on “Her Tiger Pajama’s Chapter Eleven

  1. Hmmm… what is Amanda thinking about? Is it about her fiancé the short mullet headed troll. Or Moe whom she now knows his reputation. Does she think less of him due to this fact?

    1. Well I dunno, she also has that same fixation he has, if we take into account previous chapters, and to be fair he’s the one that treated her with actual respect and never imposed his interests onto her or acted creepy about it. So thinking less of him isn’t probable.

      Now with her fiancé, well both windows were open if I see correctly, and dorms aren’t exactly big so it’s impossible she didn’t heard some of what they said about him, maybe she’s pondering how easily she’s been played by that jerk and what will her course of actions be from now on.

  2. Good. She finally knows what a perv Moe is. Now she just needs to open her eyes tow hat a scumbag Limahl is, and Amanda should be okay.
    I seriously hope she doesn’t see Moe’s fetish as some kind of compliment. Objectification is not a compliment. Even if he isn’t looking at full-on porn, he’s still getting off on it. And that’s fine, it’s his own business. But Amanda isn’t a picture or a video, she’s an actual person he and his sister have befriended. He shouldn’t be dragging her into his fantasies when they aren’t even romantically involved.
    Moe and Limahl are two sides of the same coin. They’re both bad for Amanda, just for opposite reasons; Limahl thinks her body is gross and puts her down over it, while Moe just wants to drool all over her and satisfy his fantasies. Neither seem to care what she thinks. In fact, what Amanda thinks hasn’t even been addressed. She’s made jokes here and there about the big belly, but we don’t actually know if she’s comfortable being that way or if she doesn’t like it.
    Sorry if I’m being too hard on Moe. But I’ve met people like him, and they’re creepy af, even if they’re not trying to be.

    1. You’re not being hard on Moe, and you raise some valid points. I have a lot to think about. I’m writing chapter 18 and the comic just wrapped chapter 17. A lot has happened. The question is, are you in for a surprise or have I let you down? I honestly don’t know.

      1. I have a feeling I’m in for a surprise. I would only be let down if Amanda was okay with Moe only liking her because she fits his fetish. LOL
        In all seriousness, I am really looking forward to seeing where this goes. I’m loving the story so far.

        1. that would make a boring romance. Love is a shared emotional connection.

        2. What would be interesting in ,my opinion is that she questions him about if that’s really his reason for liking her which would push him into talking from the heart and stop fumbling around her for once.

      2. How many chapters do you think the story will go?

        1. I just started Chapter 18 on Patreon. Not totally sure, but I know this will go past 20 chapters.

    2. I dont think there has ever been a moment where Moe has objectified Amanda before, from what I’ve been seeing so far Moe has developed feelings for Amanda and NOT Amanda’s pregnancy and so far all moments where Moe has touched her have all been situations where Amanda was the one who wanted him to do it, not the other way around.
      Of course now that she knows that he’s into big ladies things are not gonna be the same, awkward stares are to be expected but only for a bit, Moe has shown to be a pretty chilled guy in the past months they’ve been studying together.
      This is just my point of view at least

  3. Beware the universe, stranger things have happened, despite his fetish issue he might actually have fallen for her.

  4. Seeing your artwork on Furaffinity, I think we can safely assume that Moe is your self-insert. And since you have such a penchant for hugely inflated females, I suggest you have Moe and Amanda marry each other. Since Amanda evidently chose to be such a blimp, why not have a husband who has a penchant for blimp-sized women? They would be made for each other. I notice that you have Bridgette Ouvry from your old webcomic getting even bigger.

    1. Maybe they don’t get together. Maybe she rejects him. Maybe he suddenly dies in a car crash and the rest of the story is Amanda lamenting her regrets in not being bolder. Culminating to her halucinations of his beating heart through the floor boards. And maybe she’s not pregnant but holding in a really big fart. As for Moe being a Self insert. All art is. Every Artist and writer slice’s off a piece of themselves into their work.

      1. I thought of Moe being specifically you. Characters I have created have been based on people I knew. Ironically you disliked my joke picture about Bridgette literally exploding and having to be sewn back together, though some of your fans thought it amusing.

        1. I don’t remember this picture you’re talking about. If it involves people exploding, I’m not really a fan of gore. not to kink shame if thats your thing. more power to you.

  5. I laughed aloud when I realised that I recognised the board game they’re playing! It’s Crisis, right?

    1. yes. It’s one of my favorites.

  6. How big is Amanda going to get?

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