Published On: December 4, 2022

5 thoughts on “Her Tiger Pajama’s Chapter Twelve

  1. This was a great chapter, a lil shorter compared to the rest I’ve read, it was in expected but didn’t threw the whole thing down for me, it was a good time and I never expected it to come three am days after the finale of my favorite anime was released, it’s like a nice Christmas gift

    I’ve been thinking about the previous chapters and the comments on them, I even talked with some of my friends about it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that people are being too harsh on Moe, like yeah he’s a bit of a weirdo but for all we know, Amanda already knew that, more even that the two have a similar liking to pregnancy and his sister did told her there were rumors about him on campus grounds so it’s not like he was hiding her anything and always treated her with respect and kindness. Then there’s the argument of him only liking her for her current condition, I’d say it’s more like ONE reason of many that made him fall for her, if that was true he wouldn’t really have bother to support her so much, and let’s also consider that the three times so far he touched her belly: two were because she permitted it and the other one was a complete accident, so being a creep is out of the question.

    On what this chapter concerns, I’m happy to see he’s taking the compromise with Limahl like a champ, like it’s not like he’s jealous but is rather worried that the guy harms her and honestly if someone asked my subjective opinion, I’m really rooting for Moe and Amanda to be together, the bond is clearly there through the pages so I’d say it’s the better outcome.

  2. Sorry it’s me again, apparently I can’t edit my comment so I can’t put what I’m writing right now over there, I was also going to mention that there’s little chance if a possible dilemma of who she’s not going to choose, cause in the last chapter it’s seen or at least I think I saw it, the windows of her dorm and the upper one where the gang was were open, and the dorms aren’t exactly huge so it’s impossible she didn’t heard some of the discussion about Limahl even while in the bathroom, however it is interesting to ask what she might be thinking about what she’ll do next, if she’s finally coming to terms that her fiance is just doing damage control.

  3. For a moment, I though the scary films were going to cause Amanda to pop her cork…

  4. What cork?

  5. really hoping this story gets a happy ending

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